We live in a toxic world; there are toxins in our: food, air, soil, water & animals. It is unfortunate, but the good news is we can protect ourselves! Kristine Blanche is a HUGE advocate for safe, natural detoxification. Her detox programs are not only designed to help you detoxify whatever you may have been exposed to, but give you the knowledge to know how to protect yourselves and your family going forward. After spending many years working with extremely sick 911 rescue workers and watching their health return as they removed the toxins from their bodies, she now knows, any one can do it. It is known that there has never been a toxic exposure to human's like 911; and Kristine's says; " If we can get them clean, we all can be clean."

Knowledge is power; you too can feel confident about how to protect yourself in this toxic world.

You change your oil, you tune up your car....when was the last time you tuned up you?

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Kristine Blanche Detox Talk