Our Team

Great Neck, Long Island & Nassau County New York

Integrative Health Solutions partnership with Dr. Kevin Terani allows us to offer a range of conventional and complementary medicine under a single roof on Long Island.

Our team of specialists includes an holistic physicians, physician assistants, nutritionists, therapists,   RN's, detoxification specialists, reiki masters, wellness coaches and more.

At Integrative Health we believe that our patients have an innate ability to heal if provided with the right tools. Our approach provides the patient a support system of highly trained physicians and other health professionals working together with a common purpose - YOU.

We treat each patient as if they are our only one. We take time, we listen, and we care. We make answering your questions our priority.


Kristine Blanche – RPA-C,PhD  Board Certified Physician Assistant 

As far back as I can remember, I knew I was meant to heal. Kristine Blanche is the owner and operator of Integrative Healing Center & Spa, an innovative healing center in the heart of the North Shore of Long Island. Her journey toward her goal has been guided by many experiences. Every dream usually begins with a story, and this is her story. 

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