Holistic Medical Care

Doctor as Teacher We provide essential information for each patient to make informed choices, while encouraging them to take a more active role in their health care. Knowledge is power.

Treat the Whole Person We focus on all aspects of health & wellness by treating each patient as a unique individual. We help patients discover their optimal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual selves.

Prevention We help prevent disease by assessing risk factors, identifying susceptibility to disease & educating our patients on practices that are health restoring & promoting.

First Do No Harm We use noninvasive procedures to diagnose, natural remedies to treat, we avoid the suppression of symptoms, & respect each individual’s self-healing process & journey.

Identify & Treat The Cause The primary goal is to identify the underlying cause of an illness & to remove the obstacles to recovery. We do not merely treat symptoms, we use these symptoms to understand what may be actually causing them.

Dr. Blanche spends time with each patient listening to their story like a detective. She listens for patterns, and red flags. She analyzes how a body maybe out of balance. Then works together with the patient as a partner to create a plan for what we need to do to optimize health and prevent disease.

The Integrative Health Check

  • 25 page questionnaire on general health & lifestyle is completed prior to your visit to ensure we are fully prepared for your visit.
  • Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, urine analysis & full medical examination.
  • Clinical evaluation of the whole person – body, mind & spirit.
  • Focus on your participation & education in the healing process.
  • After careful assessment of all health checks we will customize a wellness plan that addresses your immediate health concerns.
  • I provides you with a road map on your journey toward optimal health.

Our incoming patients complete a comprehensive questionnaire, receive a thorough history & physical examination that addresses the “whole” patient, including, medical needs, lifestyle, stress, emotional factors, diet & nutrition. We respect that it is your involvement in your own treatment which best supports an outcome of enhanced well-being.

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