Breast Thermography

Have you considered the Preventative Benefits of an Early Warning?

The United States has the highest rate of breast disease in the world. The good news is that research has finally confirmed it is not primarily related to family history, which means it is a preventable disease. Even more compelling, it means that a strategy for minimizing your odds of developing breast disease can be to make basic lifestyle changes while incorporating new, predictive screening technologies like Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Thermography can forewarn women of breast health problems up to 8 years before symptoms may be visible. Avoiding breast cancer sounds like a better idea than just detecting it …what do you think?

Why Use Thermography for Breast Screening?

Mammograms are a good tool for determining the exact location of a developed tumor, but it is not an early warning system, which some women assume that it is. “Early” is a relative term, so if a mammogram can see it in the 8th year, it is earlier than the 10th year, but in any case, even the 7th year may be too late to change the outcome. The real danger of breast cancer is determined by whether or not it has spread to a vital organ. If it is going to spread, it has had many years to do so. We deserve earlier detection, and thermography is capable of doing so.

Thermography can see the blood supply that feeds a tumor in its microscopic infancy, and the only way to possibly detect it in that stage is to establish a thermographic baseline and monitor every year for the real early signs.

About High Definition Thermal Imaging

High definition (or high resolution) thermal imaging refers to the fine detail and clarity of a thermal image. This means it contains a large number of pixels per unit of area. In this case, a thermal imaging camera taking a high definition photo means you will find greater thermal detail at any distance. You can find significant problems that could be missed with a lower resolution thermal imaging camera.

Med-Hot’s new HD-3000 high definition thermal imaging camera has a 320X240 detector, which delivers 76,800 pixels in a thermal image. That’s 4 times better resolution than a thermal imaging camera with a 160×120 detector!

Thermography is administered by trained technicians, Dr. Kristine Blanche is located at the Integrative Health Center. For more information on thermography or to make an appointment, please contact us @ 516-676-0200 or Book on

Thermography Preparation & Recommendations

Prior to the appointment, the patient must be advised:

  • No breast surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatments 2 months prior.
  • No breast biopsy for one month prior.
  • Lactation: Imaging is recommended if there is a problem or concern, but a baseline is not recommended for at least 3 months after the last active breast-feeding.

24 Hours Prior

  • Avoid exercise or heavy physical activity.
  • No massage or lymph treatments.
  • No chiropractic adjustments.
  • No saunas, steam bath or hot tub.
  • No hot or cold packs.

Day of Exam:

  • Avoid heavy makeup. Any oil-based products on the body will affect accurate detection by the camera.
  • Avoid deodorant or creams on the skin, especially oils.
  • Absolutely no heat lamps or sunburn. You will have to reschedule.
  • Do not shave area to be imaged.
  • For head imaging, do not eat for at least 2 hours before imaging and no chewing gum.
  • No coffee or cigarettes for at least 2 hours before imaging.
  • Avoid A/C in the car blowing directly on the patient. It takes hours for the body to equilibrate. This recommendation is vital during the summer.
  • Patient must remove all jewelry in the area to be imaged.

Breast Health Assessment -the earliest possible indication of abnormalities allows for the earliest possible intervention.

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